The Counselling Foundation is a leading mental health organisation that provides counselling and professional counselling training.  Everyone is entitled to mental health support regardless of their financial circumstances or location. We have a range of services that allow us to promote positive mental health across the country. Further information regarding the specific services we offer can be found below or alternatively you can contact one of our Centre’s who will be happy to provide you with all the information you need.

Counselling Services

Our charitable mission is to make counselling as affordable and accessible as possible. We work with a reasonable fee structure that means everyone can access support regardless of their financial circumstances. We are able to offer sessions in person, via video and telephone. Our counselling centres are located in St Albans, Luton, Bedford, Broxbourne and Stevenage. If you would like more information regarding our counselling services and how we are able to help you please follow the below link or contact us directly.


We offer in-depth professional counselling training that is accredited by the awarding body the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) This means that we adhere to a strict ethical code and are regularly reviewed to ensure we are providing quality training. Our courses allow you to progress to become a fully qualified practitioner. Our hands on approach to counselling training means you will not only be learning the theory behind counselling but also allowing you to work in a safe counselling environment. This means that by the time you qualify you will have a wealth of experience which will allow for further professional development.

Our courses are part time to help accommodate those students who wish to work along side their studies. Explore our website to see how our services can help you or contact one of our centres to discuss your needs.